Trees and Shrubs.

First published in September 2013

Word Definition
catalpaA tree of the genus Catalpa, of the bignonia family, with heart-shaped leaves, trumpet-shaped flowers, and long pods.
catbrierA thorny vine.
catjangA tropical shrub.
cecropiaA fast-growing tropical American tree of the mulberry family.
ceibaA kind of tropical tree.
cembraThe Swiss stonepine.
chenarA kind of oriental plane tree.
chollaA kind of treelike cactus.
cobaeaA climbing shrub with purple flowers.
cohuneA S. American palm tree.
copalmA hardwood tree of the Americas, aka liquidambar.
coquitoA Chilean palm tree.
cornelA shrub, aka dogwood.
correaAn Australian evergreen shrub with large showy tubular flowers.
corylusA deciduous nut-bearing tree of the Corylus genus, including hazel.
croweaAn Australian shrub with pink flowers.
cullayA rosaceous tree native to Chile, aka soapbark.
dahoonAn evergreen tree.
davidiaA kind of tree, aka handkerchief tree.
degameA tropical tree, lemonwood.
dhakA leguminous tree of eastern India and Myanmar, with showy orange or red flowers.
dikaThe wild mango, a W. African tree.
doumA kind of African palm tree.
dracenaA genus of liliaceous plants with woody stems and funnel-shaped flowers.
durianA tree of the bombax family, widely grown in tropical Asia; its spinous fruit.
emblicA deciduous tree of the euphorbia family, native to tropical Asia.
encinaAn evergreen oak.
eumongA kind of Australian acacia tree.
fatsiaAn evergreen spreading shrub of the ivy family.
feijoaA tropical evergreen shrub or small tree of the myrtle family; its edible green fruit.