Musical Instruments.

First published in September 2014

Word Definition
sansaAn African musical instrument, aka mbira.
santirAn Eastern dulcimer.
sarangiAn Indian stringed instrument, played like a fiddle.
sarodAn Indian instrument like a cello.
saxhornA brass wind instrument with a long winding tube and a bell opening.
saxtubaA large bass saxhorn.
sazA stringed instrument of North Africa.
shalmAn ancient oboe-like musical instrument.
shamisenA Japanese banjo-like 3-stringed instrument.
shofarA ram's horn trumpet used in Jewish ceremonies.
sistrumA kind of rattle, consisting of a wooden or metal frame fitted with loose strips of metal and disks which jingled when moved.
sitarAn Indian musical instrument.
spinetA musical instrument like a small harpsichord.
squifferA slang word for concertina.
surbaharAn Indian stringed instrument, larger than a sitar.
tablaAn Indian percussion instrument, a pair of small drums.
taikoA large Japanese drum.
tambouraAn Eastern stringed instrument, used to produce a drone.
tenoroonAn obsolete tenor bassoon.
theorboA double-necked lute.
thereminAn electronic musical instrument.
timbalA kind of kettledrum.
tonetteA kind of simple flute.
tundunAn Australian bullroarer.
veenaAn Indian stringed instrument.
vielleA hurdy-gurdy, a stringed instrument played by a wheel.
vinaAn Indian stringed instrument.
vocalionA musical instrument resembling a harmonium.
yidakiA long wooden wind instrument played by the Aboriginal people of Arnhem Land.
zinkeAn old wind instrument, like a cornet.