Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with C.

First published in September 2015

Word Definition
cakeageA charge levied in a restaurant for serving cake (such as a birthday cake) brought in from outside the premises.
caprese(Italian) a salad containing mozzarella, basil, tomatoes and olive oil.
carspielA curling match in which curlers compete for a car.
cassiopeAn evergreen shrub.
cauriA former monetary unit of Guiana.
cazh(Slang) casual.
charetteA meeting for brainstorming.
chillaxTo relax completely.
chingA high-pitched ringing sound.
choilThe end of a knife blade nearer the handle.
cinq(French) the number five.
cleanoutThe act of cleaning something out.
clonkyMaking a dull thumping sound.
clumpetA large floating chunk of ice.
coadyA sauce made from molasses.
comsat(Short for) communications satellite.
conmanA (male) confidence trickster.
coolistA person, esp a scientist, who does not believe in global warming and the greenhouse effect.
copiableCapable of being copied.
coquiA small arboreal frog.
cosplayThe practice of dressing up as a fictional character to attend social events.
covineA conspiracy between two or more people to act to the injury of another.
cravateA scarf or band worn as necktie.
croonyHaving or being a soft singing style.
crostata(Ital.) a type of fruit tart.
crotaleA small cymbal.
cruftTechnical material that is redundant, old or inferior.
culshieA person from rural Ireland (adj.) rustic, boorish
cunitOne hundred cubic feet.
curationThe work of a curator.