Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with P.

First published in September 2016

Word Definition
phoreticRelating to phoresy, an association in which one animal clings to another to ensure movement from place to place, as some mites use insects.
photinoA hypothetical elementary particle.
pianola(Tradename) a type of player piano.
pigmanA male pig farmer.
pincurlA curl held in place by a hairpin.
pinlessLacking pins.
pinspotA small powerful spotlight; (verb) to illuminate with a pinspot.
pissySoiled with urine; inferior, nasty.
pitotA tube used to measure the pressure of a fluid stream.
placematA table mat on which a place setting is laid.
plankticRelating to plankton.
plattIn Scots adjectival phrase 'scale and platt', applied to stairs with straight flights and landings.
playbusA mobile playground.
playsetAn outdoor apparatus having equipment for children's activities.
plowtailThe end of a plough where the handles are.
ployeA buckwheat pancake.
plumcakeA cake with raisins in it.
pluotA hybrid fruit of plum and apricot.
plutoidAny dwarf planet beyond Neptune.
podunkSmall, unimportant; (noun) a small unimportant town.
polackA person of Polish birth or descent.
policierA film featuring police investigating crimes.
pongalA dish of cooked rice in Tamil-speaking India.
popinacA thorny shrub or small tree of tropical or subtropical America, with clusters of fragrant yellow flowers, aka huisache.
porinAny of a class of proteins through which molecules can diffuse.
prehabAny programme of training designed to prevent sports injury.
prexie(Colloquial) a president.
proturanAny of an order of white wingless insects.
pudeur(French) a sense of shame or embarrassment.
pwn(Slang) to dominate or humiliate an opponent esp in online gaming.